Château de Thorens
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a thousand-year-old heritage

"Dear old castle, with the past printed on your walls,
you exert a mysterious attraction and open the hearts and minds of those who know how to love you."

Count Jean-François de Roussy de Sales

The foundation stones

1060 marked the entry of the castle of Thorens into the history of Savoy. This fief then came under the authority of the Count of Geneva, on whose authority the first fortifications were built on this site. Over time, several families owned the castle of Thorens.

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From one family to another

During the 15th century, the powerful and fearsome Lords of Compey, struck by opprobrium, had to give way to the House of Savoy. Almost immediately, the castle was taken over by another princely family allied to the House of Savoy: the princes of Luxembourg-Martigues.

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The Palace of the Marquis de Sales

At the dawn of the 17th century, Saint François de Sales (1567-1622) acquired the castle. From that time on, the Château de Thorens took on the appearance of a palace. However, the Marquis de Sales were kind enough to preserve, in stone, the memory of past centuries.

Thehistory of Saint-François deSales

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The stigma of the past

However, the revolutionary storm, which came from France in 1792, left deep scars that could not be healed until the middle of the 19th century, when the Château de Thorens regained its charm and elegance. This exceptional heritage continued to be transmitted from generation to generation.

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Castle by night

Restoring to better welcome you

Following a series of renovations, Château de Thorens offers unforgettable stays for every guest, who will discover the historical footprint of the Piedmont-Savoy kingdom.

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The quest for excellence

Château de Thorens is expanding its accommodation and developing its events business, continuing its quest for excellence with a growing clientele.

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Back shot of Thorens castle
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Text: Gilles Carrier-Dalbion, Guide du Patrimoine des Pays de Savoie.
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