For a quiet holiday in Haute-Savoie

If the hustle and bustle of Annecy and the bustle of the surrounding ski resorts don't suit your pace, Haute-Savoie can be much wiser. Staying at the Château de Thorens is an ideal alternative if you are looking for a quiet holiday or a weekend in the countryside.

The Château de Thorens: a restful natural environment

It's no coincidence that Haute-Savoie has been on the list of the most popular tourist destinations in France since the deconfinement! Ideal to travel by car or van, easily accessible by train or plane, Haute-Savoie reveals many assets. Around the Château de Thorens, it is first of all the quality of the air that attracts travellers, and for good reason: the estate is surrounded by both forest and mountains, within which it is possible to take beautiful and peaceful walks. This majestic silence is the other side of Thorens-Glières: lovers of relaxation and zen places appreciate the sound of the wind, the water on the rocks and the birds who indulge in their routine in complete tranquility.

This natural environment conducive to disconnected holidays is at the heart of the concerns of our team, which has always favoured outdoor activitiessuch as fishing or picnics by the river.

Quiet weekend in Haute-Savoie
A peaceful stay at the foot of the Château de Thorens.

3 Zen places to discover in Haute-Savoie

In the area near the Château de Thorens, here are some suggestions of outings to do on your own, with friends or family during your next stay in the region.

At the top of the Aravis Range

The Aravis mountain range is a fantastic playground for climbing, hiking, but also... for aficionados of escapades in the air. What could be more relaxing than admiring the paragliders silently carried by the wind after a beautiful ride at more than 2500 meters above sea level?

On the shores of Lake Annecy

Situated a stone's throw from Menthon Saint-Bernard, the Roc de Chère Reserve is a veritable green oasis overlooking Lake Annecy. In recent months, nature has taken back its rights: vegetation, birds and wild animals are more numerous, to the delight of hikers.

On the balcony of Geneva

Traditionally called the "balcony of Geneva", Mont Salève attracts travellers in search of beautiful panoramas. Indeed, from the top of its 1379 metres, Le Salève offers a spectacular view of the city of Geneva and its surroundings. Moreover, it is an incomparable spot to enjoy the sunrise or sunset... in silence!